Age Life Balance focuses on enjoying a rich, satisfying and balanced life today, with an eye on tomorrow.

Words of Wisdom – what can we learn from others?

Words of Wisdom I’ve been on my own conscious Age Life Balance journey for 6 months now. The words of wisdom idea came to me on a cold bright morning in early December, when I found myself in a picturesque lakeside caravan park driving my daughter to a party. I noticed a crowd of older [...]

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Words of Wisdom – questionnaire about ageing

Words of Wisdom - questionnaire about ageing Target audience: anyone 50+ years who seems to be ageing well and would be willing to respond How old are you / what age group do you fall into?   How old/young do you feel (heart and body)?   Briefly summarise your life history    Briefly describe a [...]

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Age Life Balance Vision & Mission

My Vision To live a long, purposeful, satisfying, and financially secure life, and to inspire and help others to do the same.   My Mission To identify, define, and realise my own life potential and to inspire and help others to realise theirs too. To reach as many people as possible, with the aim of [...]

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Work intro – Keep up the good work

Keep up the good work You may recall that I hadn’t originally planned to write about work within Age Life Balance, but was encouraged to reconsider following some feedback and survey responses. When I was thinking about ageing myself, I was imagining a time beyond work (if you recall in my intro).  However, work currently [...]

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Community – let’s get together for successful ageing

Community – let’s get together for successful ageing The definition of the community has widened over time.  It has historically referred to groups of people living in the same place, but has expanded to encompass those having a particular interest or characteristic in common. With the explosion of internet connections over the last twenty years, [...]

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Practicalities – taking stock

Practicalities – taking stock I expect for some people the mention of practical matters will sound completely logical and rational whilst others may probably want to run and bury their heads in the sand. I encourage you all to read on. First and foremost, I’m going to refer back to my earlier references to Vision and [...]

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