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Accommodation intro – there’s no place like home

Accommodation intro – there’s no place like home Where and how we live are important considerations and become even more so as we get older. Many of us may already have some experience and appreciation of this through our parents or other older relatives. Some manage seem to manage amazingly well on their own until a [...]

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Travel intro – keep on moving

Travel intro - keep on moving This week we move onto the topic of Travel, which I plan to examine from three perspectives: holidays, visits, and the process of travel itself. Holidays I’ll start with holidays as this is the most fun aspect (or at least it should be!) If your holidays aren’t enjoyable then maybe there’s [...]

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Interests for everyone

Interests for everyone I’d imagine that most people have interests even if they don’t specifically call them this. We could refer to them as hobbies, past-times, likes, passions and so on. Some might be fleeting or come and go at different life stages, while other interests could last throughout our lives. There are so many [...]

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Youthfulness Intro – its relevance to successful ageing

Youthfulness and its relevance to successful ageing For me, the biggest outward indicator of youthfulness comes from someone’s mindset, rather than their physical condition or the way they dress (but these can probably help too, see below). The ‘young at heart’ seem to have a more youthful, vibrant outlook and this seems to give them [...]

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