12 sources of joy

As we fast approach the end of the year, late December is often a time of reflection. 2018 has been a particularly busy year (for me and my family anyway), but on balance it’s been a good one.

I’ve covered the topics of gratitude and fun, in previous blogs, so I’m dedicating this one to things that have brought me joy over the past 12 months.


  1. Time with amazing people

This includes spending time with a range of people including my family (immediate and more distant), local friends, other friends we only connect with periodically, business contacts who’ve become friends and even some of my work colleagues! Thank you all for making life fun, challenging and rewarding, in different ways.

  1. Learning new things

I love learning at the best of times. This year I feel I’ve learned an incredible amount, through a combination of formal study, practical application, setting up a business etc. not to forget my Sudoku learning experience at the beginning of the year. Learning helps me to evolve, grow and simply make the most of life!

  1. Being close to nature

Although I’m often very grateful for having an inside based job, I love spending time outside in most weather types (with the exception of extreme heat, strong winds and heavy rain). Walking outside, in particular, helps me to feel grounded and free. I also love observing the ever-evolving scenery and landscape around me as the seasons change.

  1. Time for relaxation

On average I probably don’t take that much time to relax. However, I do appreciate the importance of relaxation and recovery, especially as an antidote to our busy modern lives. I do this through different methods at different times including yoga, meditation, reading, massage etc. Strange how many of these include elements of being still and putting my feet up!

  1. Physical challenge

I’ve not done as much of this as I’d like this year due to an injury, followed by eye surgery. I did complete a triathlon around the middle of the year, though, and I do try to maintain a reasonable level of fitness throughout the year. I’m now looking for a suitable challenge for next year…

  1. Preparing food for loved ones

Again, sadly not one that I’ve had as much time for this year as I’d like due to other priorities, but I do love preparing food for others. It’s a kind of core value of mine. The food needs to be nutritious and tasty, where possible, as well as being appropriate and timely.

This doesn’t generally need to equate to something elaborate. Often it can be something quite simple. This also extends to animals, including our cat and my kids’ pet rats. They regard me as the snack lady and go crazy when they see me.

  1. Dedicating time to my passions

I’ve been fortunate to be able to spend a fair amount of time on these, this year. This includes Age Life Balance but also its sister brand Blue Dimond coaching. I truly believe that between them, these represent the next chapter of my life and I am focused on dedicating time and effort on these passions.

  1. Giving gifts

Receiving gifts can be lovely, don’t get me wrong, but there is nothing quite like giving. From the initial idea generation, making the purchase, and then wrapping or preparing them in some way. It can often be magical.

  1. Dancing

I generally don’t get much opportunity to let my hair down and have a good dance these days, but I’ve been blessed with four such opportunities in the last few months. Dancing has been great for just getting into the moment and letting go of inhibitions as well as other things going on.

  1. Singing

Similarly, singing can bring great freedom. Now let’s get things clear, I am not a great singer. However, being part of the work Christmas choir, singing along to Christmas songs in the car, and singing while cooking in the kitchen can all be pretty liberating.

  1. Being able to see

It’s been over 3 months since I had eye surgery, but I still love the sensation of being able to see when I wake up in the morning. Long may I never take this for granted.

  1. Helping and inspiring others

I love coaching for enabling me to help (and often help to transform) the lives of others.

Via my blogs and other social media posts, I receive positive messages from people I’ve inspired. Even if one person sits up and takes note in any particular week, this makes it all worthwhile.



Overall, it’s been a great year, full of some amazing things and events. This December blog has given me a good excuse to look back and recognise some of the things that have brought me joy this year. It’s also been very useful for looking forward to remind me of some of the things I love doing that I really should integrate into my next year’s plan!…

So, do tell, what brings you joy?


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